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Latin America is one of the best places in the whole world to visit at least one time in the life. Come and enjoy our multicultural place and know our people, history and culture, we’re sure after your first trip to our lands, you will be begin to planning the new one.

Latin America in some words:

South America has 3 structural parts -The Andes Mountains, the river basins and plains, and the ancient eastern highlands. The Andes run almost the entire lenght of the continent for about 8,500 kms. Glaciers and snowfields grace many of the peaks, some of which rise over 6,500 meters, Aconcagua 6,960 meters above sea level, in Argentina, is the highest mountain in the world outside Asia. West of the Andes lies a narrow coastal strip, except in the far south and Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire).

Three vast rivers lies to the east of the Andes: the Llanos of Venezuela, drianed by the Orinoco, the Amazon basin (occupying 40% of the continent), and the great Paraguay-Parana-Uruguay Basin that empties into the River Plate estuary.

South America has an extraordinary climatic variety, due partly to the wide latitudinal extent but also to the grat range in altitude, 80% falls within the tropics, but height may temper the the tropical climate considering -for example in the Altiplano (high plateu) of Bolivia.

The natural flora and fauna are equally varied. Long isolation from the rest of the world allowed a great variety of plants and animals to envolve, and this natural variety has not been yet reduced significantly by human pressures.

The population includes a rich mix of Ameridians, Spanish and Portuguese colonial immigrants, African slaves, and a later generation of immigrants and refugees from the turmoils of Europe.

With this brief introduction, let us invite you to see and experience with your own eyes, the magic of this continent.Here you can visit ancient archaological sites and cultures, specially in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Also appreciate extreme and drastic changes in climate, from hot tropical rainforests, to artic temperatures, deserts, waterfalls, glaciers.

The ethnic richness, in its native groups still are present in several countries, whom can share with you, their customs, traditions, and learn a little more about their way of life. Visiting villages, towns, markets, their crafts, ferstivals, etc.

Each one of the countries can give you some much, for instance Venezuela, modern and colonial, with the highest falls in the world (Angel Falls). Peru with its mystique Macchu Picchu ruins and the Inca trail, the pretty city of Cusco, also canyons, pre-Columbian sites, jungles and Lake Titikaka shared with Bolivia. Also this country is a destination to be visited, Indian cultures, high peaks, the biggest and highest silver mine in the world! in Potosi, picturesque towns such as Sucre and Tarabuco. Chile, with deserts in the north, volcanoes, the lake district in the south, with pristine lakes and forests, and later fjords, glaciers and reaching the Antartatica peninsula. Argentina the land of the tango, with the pampas, one of the biggest and most active cities in the world Buenos Aires, the enormous and subtropical falls of Iguazu. Uruguay the so-called Switzerland of South America, with its cosmopolitan capital Montevideo. Brazil, the land of the carnival but so much more to see, and do apart from beautiful Rio de Janeiro, beaches, jungles, Bahia a city that is considered a gem of this country for its colonial and African ancestry, the Northeast with so much color and traditions. And the Amazon river.

For us it will be a pleasure to organize an unforgettable trip whether you want to see with “traditional tours” that will include the highlights of each country with excursions to markets, museums, archaeological areas, cities, etc, or combine some of these nations, or perhaps see it in another way, through adventure programs like kayaking, trekking, biking, rafting, climbing, etc.

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