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The Galapagos Islands

“A litle bit of history”

The islands were officially discovered by the Bishop of Panama, Friar Tomas de Berlanga, on March 10, 1535. His vessel was caught in a storm sailing from Panama to Callao, Peru. And, later in a dispatch written to the King, he reported descriptions of incredible tame animals, enormous tortoises, and unusual iguanas. Located 1,000 kms (600 miles off the coast) in the Pacific Ocean, the archipelago is a National Park. In effort to preserve the islands, UNESCO declared them a World Heritage Site.

When visiting these islands tourists encounter the most beautiful living natural history museum in the world, the scene of evolutionary processes that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

This National Park includes thirteen islands, where visitors will find a wide variety of plants, exotic birds, and reptiles, most of which are not afraid of human beings. The islands also offer scuba-diving, trekking, as well as visits to the Charles Darwin scientific research station.

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