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Ecuadorian Western Lowlands


The Ecuadorian coastal region or western lowlands, which extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Andes, is subdivided in two areas.

The first, or interior region, is close to the mountain range of the Andes and has a fairly dense vegetation where such important tropical products as bananas, coffee, cocoa beans, African palm, and many other types fruits are grown.

The second is the sea shore where the most beautiful beaches are located, many of which are covered with fine sand and palm trees.

This area offers archaeological sites, national parks, beaches, hunch-backed whale-watching, dry and rain tropical forests, petrified forests, mangroves, and coconut palm trees along with marimba rhythms. Guayaquil, the biggest and main city in the country, is a bustling, colorful port with fine museums, handicrafts and intense commercial activity. It is a good departure point to start discovering the richness of this land such as: Cerro Blanco (a private reserve), the Botanical Gardens, banana plantations, Churute (an ecological reserve), Machalilla National Park, the petrified forest of Puyango, and Salinas, a world known deep-sea fishing spot and resort.

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